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Antistatic agent SN

Antistatic agent SN

Antistatic agent SN
 1. General
            The units producing and marketing this product are certified according to Q/320621HA069.

           Appearance: Red brown transparent viscous liquid
     Chemical Name: Dimethyl octadecyl hedroxy ethyl ammonium nitrate
     Synonyms: QCS antisitatic agent; 2-Pentanol, 1,1’,1’’,1’’’,
           -(1,2-ethandiyldinitrilo) tetrakis
            Molecular Formula: C22H48O4N2

            Molecular Structure:
     CAS No.: 86443-82-5
 2. Specification

           Parameter                          Unit  Specification  Test Method 
           Quaternary ammonium salt content  % m/m  50±2          GB/T 10538 
           PH (1% aque. solu.)                  ——  5.0~7.0          ISO 4316 

 3. Applications
          1. Used as cationic surfactant and easily dissolved in water, acetone, benzene and so on
          2. Used as spinning anlistatig in mistsunari fiber such as polyester, nylon and so on.
          3. Used as leveling agent of polyacrylonitrile and emulsifier of asphalt,
          4. Used as anlistatig in plastic, silk and spinning top-roller made of nitrile-butadiene rubber.

 4. Package and Storage
           Package: 180Kg / metal drum or 45Kg / plastic drum (Net weight).
           Shelf Life: two years.


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